This is it! In the ground/sun they're going.

CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)September 14, 2012

But I could use a voice of experience.

Thru a long story, I have over 100 maples that have survived unmitigated full sun and awful drought here in Maryland. I am of the opinion, that if they can last in a pot with periodic drying out, they'll do so much better in the ground. The conditions (other than repeated drying) would remain the same.

What I want to know, is if anyone can tell me their experience with the height achievements of the 'Sherwood Forest' or the Dancing Peacock, 'Maiku Jaku' (not sure of the latter spelling)?

These are the two whose fall colors take my breath away, and I want to plant them in a front courtyard area. Near, but not against the house.



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In mild climates and with appropriate growing conditions, 'Aconitifolium' (name preferred over 'Maiku Jaku') should reach 15-20 feet with an equal spread.

Not familiar with a 'Sherwood Forest' - are you sure you don't mean 'Sherwood Flame'? This can also attain a pretty good size -- I'd allow for 15' and around a 10' spread.

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CEFreeman(DC/MD Burbs 7B)

Well, ah, yea., That was a test. 'Sherwood Flame' it is. [LOL]

This is good to hear. These two are really show stopping. I'm going to put them in the ground probably in November.

Thank you!

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