What Is This Flower?

emmi331(7)May 23, 2007

Someone gave me (or I bought) a flower a couple of years back that is blooming now; for the life of me I cannot remember what it is, but I love it. It is about 18-24 inches tall, with clusters of large bright yellow flowers at the top of each stalk. More clusters are getting ready to bloom along the sides of each stalk. Each flower reminds me of a giant buttercup - it has 4 petals and each petal has a slight indent at the top. It seems to enjoy full sun, but others are getting ready to blossom in part-shade. I think I remember being warned that this will take over the garden if left alone, and so far this prediction is correct. I am also not sure if this is a wildflower or not. Can anyone help identify this? Thanks....

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Probably Celandine Poppy or Wood Poppy. Stylophorum diphyllum. The height, 4 petals, time of bloom match.

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No, I don't think it's a wood poppy. I checked photos on the internet, and the leaves are different - I should have described them. The leaves on this are long and pointed, a bit wide in the middle.

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

Evening primrose perhaps?

Here is a link that might be useful: Oenothera

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

Sure sounds like Oenothera to me, especially with 4 petals. Most likely the species commonly known as "sundrops" (can't remember the species offhand), which is stoloniferous and can spread pretty fast.

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Yes, these are sundrops! I took a sample over to the Virginia Garden Extension in my hometown, and they identified them. Wonderfully showy flowers for the garden. Thanks, all.

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