transplanting Acer mandshuricum

WendyB(5A/MA)September 16, 2007

I've read a lot of the threads about pros/cons/risks of transplanting palmatums and dissectums in fall vs. spring. Does the same go for trifoliates?

I have a 2-year old one that is in too sunny a spot and all the leaves are quite scorched. I would like to move it to a shadier spot. I would prefer to do it in the fall if there is not too much risk.

The root ball was quite small (about a "gallon" size) when it was planted spring '06. Maybe I can get all the roots with minimal disturbance.

would you take a chance doing it now?

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Sooner the better. I transplanted an Acer Palmatum 'Nuresagi' this past week after projecting how large it would grow. It got reduced last winter to a couple of branches, but was nonetheless pretty healthy. However, I didn't know in early Spring since it looked pretty pitiful then. I planted an AP 'Osakazuki' far too close to it. Late Spring the new growth was prolific--far more than expected.

It started out last year as a three gallon, but I transplanted it about three feet further so the soil is similar. I dug around the roots and underneath and was able to move it with most everything intact. I've watered it everyday by giving it a good soaking and it looks ok so far. Yours is even smaller so I would think it would be easier to move. Just treat it like a new planting because by moving it it will have to adapt to the new location no different from a new plant.

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