Help with Japanese Maple - Leaves dying

canadianchilieheadSeptember 2, 2010

Wondering if anyone can help me. The leaves on my Japanese maple are drying up and dying (?). The nurseries do not have any answer. Has anyone here seen this before....

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Judging by the greenness of the lawn, I'm guessing it isn't from lack of water. Has anything happened around the tree lately? Weed spraying including Roundup and TruGreen? Fertilizer including Miracle Grow? When was it planted? Digging in the root area? Cold snap? How long ago did this start?

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Nothing has changed. The tree was planted last fall. I don't use any weed sprays or fertilizers on the plants or trees. I first noticed this a couple of weeks ago and it has been progressively getting worse. We haven't has any cold spells, but the summer has been the hottest on record for quite some time and very humid. Could it be sun scald or wind burn??

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What has your watering regimen been for this newly planted 1st year tree?
A japanese maple situated in full sun in extreme heat isn't going to be happy but I keep seeing that green green green lawn and to reach a level of heat that would bother a j maple, that lawn would have been burned up long before that photo was taken.

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I actually try not to water often, usually once a week with a really deep watering.

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compared to other trees, JM's are generally less heat tolerant. even within the JM family only a few are even considered "heat tolerant"

just give your tree a few years to settle in and acclimate.

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