Multi-plant plugs?

rustico_2009August 2, 2012

Is anyone else doing this in cell flats or blocks? Have you tried it but discarded the practice for bad results?

In reading Eliot's book The New Organic Grower, I find in the chapter on soil blocks, some coverage of multi-plant transplant blocks. He recommends planting several types of vegetables out as blocks of 4 to 12 plants and giving them wider spacing to grow in the garden. An example is four broccoli plants in a block transplanted on 24" inch spacing in the row with rows 30" apart...or bulbing onions, or beets transplanted out 4 to a block. He explains various advantages and I think there could be many more.

I am interested in doing this and will do some for my fall garden... just looking for your experience and lessons learned.



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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I have done it with Broccoli, here is a picture.

Here is a planting group

I started them in 1801 trays, each cell is about 3.5 inches square. I put the seeds towards the four corners of the pots.

It worked well, actually it was my last good crop of broccoli. Since then it has been ravaged by drought and heat.


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I think it would depend on the crop. Things that are planted multiple seeds per hill should be ok, but I wouldn't tried broccoli, since the heads are usually determined by how much room they have to grow. I've done it with basil without any problem, since I transplanted again later into a larger pot.


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Neat,Jay, Thanks!

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yep, basil is easy to start heavy. I just transplanted out 72 plugs with and average of 5 very strong plants each. Still, not sure if this is crowding it in the garden? Any possibility they would be better planted as individual plants instead of in bunches? Basil has done very well, but I loose control of it after two or three cuttings and have to just mow it down and let it come back with nice stuff.

I am looking forward to trying beets in blocks on 6"x16" spacing.

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