'June Rose' - Someone gave me this at the swap . . . .

krgallo(7)May 7, 2006

Thanks, all, for the wonderful plants at the swap. My first one! I am wondering about the "June Rose" a gentleman gave me on Saturday morning at the swap. It blooms yellow, in June, this nice fellow told me. I can't seem to find any references to it. Does anyone know what a "June Rose" is?


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faerieannette(z7 MD)

I think it's a Peony? Good luck. When I was little girl we had a huge one next to the house. My mom wasnÂt a gardener and never watered or fed it or anything. it was there when we moved in. they are really pretty plants!

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Thanks, but it is definitely not a peony. I am thinking it might be "Sun Drops" -- looks sort of like the leaves. If anyone else has an idea, let me know. Thanks!

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faerieannette(z7 MD)

well I am a big newbie! lol! I seem to remember someone somewhere in my life calling peonies "june roses"

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Faerie, don't worry about your newbieness! I didn't realize that 'jonquils' was just another name for daffodils until I was an adult. My mother always refered to the small yellow flowers with the orange centers as jonquils and would correct me when I called them daffodils.
Back to peonies: I have a beautiful bunch that came with the house. Such a shame that they're only in bloom 1-2 weeks. Oh whatta week though!

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I got some of the "June Roses," too - I think krgallo is correct, and they are yellow-flowered Oenothera, also known as Evening Primrose or Sundrops.

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