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2ajsmamaAugust 28, 2012

The Meat House (I guess it's a chain), upscale butcher shop that also carries produce, has canceled its farmers markets for the rest of the year. They did 1 in June and 1 in July and "they weren't well-received". I had called to ask if they were having it b/c it has been raining today and also I didn't see the signs up last week when I went through town.

But I mentioned that I had over 50 lbs of tomatoes sitting in garage (and wanted to know b4 noon if market was on or not b4 I picked anything else), they said produce manager might be interested, she'd give me a call.

So how much discount should I give for wholesale? I sell heirlooms for $4/lb and hybrids for $3/lb, cherry toms $3-4/pint. That's in line with what Stop & Shop is selling organic tomatoes for, this place will probably sell them for more.

I have 16# of BWs, 8# BK, 11# (about 14-15 pints) of cherries, and 12# of Glaciers (small salad tomatoes). I might want to hold some of the less-ripe cherries back for Friday market but the other tomatoes are ready to go, and I have more (not a whole lot, but at least 5# of each) just barely blushing now that will be ready by then.

I was also going to try mini-pumpkins at market today - think I should ask them about pumpkins and gourds, if/when they might be interested?

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If the tomatoes are really nice, and they are not likely to get them from someone else, I would ask your normal price or near it. If the shop is a boutique butcher shop you would be doing them a favor by letting them schmooze their customers with some local heirlooms.

As you probably know, wholesale just doesn't work, I am thinking you might as well establish that you demand good prices, like they do.

No opinion on the pumpkins.

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For large quantities, I usually price at 50%-75% of normal pricing.

Definitely ask about the pumpkins, they will be wanting to make their fall holiday displays. I'm already putting out Halloween displays up in grocery stores.

As far as market being well received, with only 1 time per month, it is hard to get people trained to visit on that specific day. It's hard enough to get people trained to 1x per week.


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Thanks, I know we "talked" about this with potatoes (that the town didn't take for $2/lb since I didn't have enough, and I ended up selling for over $3/lb).

Don't know if the quantities above are considered "large" and if I can supply them with say 40-50 lbs per week (m&W would work for me, then I have some for Friday market) I will give discount to have the steady customer - only have about a month left in the season but if I get the high tunnel built for next year I'll have longer season and would be good to have their business.

I know, town would only give them permit for 4 times, they decided once per month and then gave up after 2 months! So even if they don't have it today (wonder if people will be stopping by to see), they can still do 2 during Sept - might suggest that, if town will let them change from today to 2 weeks from today (I imagine they had to give specific dates).

I'm starting to see mums for sale everywhere, gotta call the greenhouse and ask about picking some up Thurs for Fri market - I *was* going to wait til Sept but maybe with the holiday weekend they'll sell (or maybe not, might have *less* traffic at market if regulars are going away for long weekend). I just found out we do have last market on Oct 5 not Sept 28, so I plan on bringing a lot of "fall" stuff plus holiday jams and jellies (and lots of business cards) then.

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In our area, mums start to sell mid-Aug, along with the fall holiday decorations.

Bulk is 25# or more.

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Thanks Marla - so 25# of tomatoes, not 25# of each variety, right? I don't think I'll ever have 25# in 1 week of the mini-pumpkins, but 25# of those plus gourds maybe (definitely regular-sized pumpkins!). My cousin also mentioned he was cutting down his corn, wanted to know about stalks. I told him to dry them, don't think we can wholesale them, but I'll try bringing them to Friday market for him as long as they don't take too much room in the truck (gotta put them on top over everything else and a tarp over I guess to keep them from flying away). Maybe just bring 4 bundles a week and put them on the legs of my EZ Up, see if anyone asks about buying them.

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Well, I finally called again to ask if they wanted the tomatoes today. The produce manager didn't know what I was talking about, so the store manager hadn't said anything to her yet. She just marked down 2 cases of tomatoes that someone had ordered and not picked up, so doesn't want them today, but we'll get together in person next week and talk about next year (and maybe the rest of this season).

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