Where should I put my new hoophouse?

wisgallowayAugust 16, 2008

We have been thinking casually thinking about hoophouses for a few months when we saw one for sale very close to us for a reasonable price.

It is a 30x32 gothic arch type. My questions is about siting. We primarily want to use it for season extension but may also do some starts in it for sale at the farmer's market. We live on a ridge in southwestern Wisconsin and occasionally have some very high winds.

Here are the two locations - which do you think would be best?

1. Site #1 - Flat area between two pole sheds that run east-west. Although the ground is flat, there are some low spots and we would have to haul in some soil from somewhere else on the farm to raise it. I thought the structure might benefit from protection from our NW winds in the winter, although it seems that our most violent storms come straight out of the west. There is one large spruce tree that would be about 75' southwest of the site that would make some shade in the late afternoon and a barn about 40' to the east.

2. Site#2 - sloped area out in the open - fully exposed to the wind, but no shade issues - would require some re-grading of ground - probably with a small dozer, but has good soil under it. Farther away from house (might have to walk through snowdrifts in the winter to access it.

Basically the big issue is site 1 has some potential shading problems, but is more protected and conveniently located. Site 2 is in full sun, but is exposed and less convenient.

Any thoughts?


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I can't tell you where to site it, but I can tell you that you should investigate if you need a building permit. I know you might not think so for a simple hoop house, but I found I did. I know I was surprised. If I had built it and then the county saw it I would have had to pay double and maybe take it down even then. A permit for that size cost me $400 so double would have been $800. Just a word of warning on the chance you were like me.

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i think full sun is important. i've had a lot of trouble with the wind and my hoophouse but i wouldn't want to lose the heating ability of having it located where it gets the maximum amount of sun.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I agree with the guy above. If you're using it for season extension on both ends of the spring and fall, you need sun to heat it both times of the year.

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