adamterrie(4)April 25, 2009

It was/is supposed to rain three days straight from Friday night through Monday. So far, I have received .01 of an inch in Prior Lake. Last weekend was the same thing - I believe I got .05 inch. The song I remember growing up of "April showers in the skies" does not seem to be happening this year (at all).

When I expressed my concerns to my father about the lack of rain, he told me that the old adage by the farmers is, "plant in the dust and the bins will bust." Meaning, that a lack of rain in the spring will usually lead to steady rain through the rest of the year. Hopefully, that will be the case this year.

I have been very tempted to pull out the watering hose, but so far have refrained from watering anything. If we don't get the rain tonight/tomorrow, I will probably give everything a good soaking.

- Adam

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Set up the hoses and started watering Friday. Hope we get a good soaking Sunday.


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Did some transplanting and the soil is not particularly moist. Since most things don't have much for foliage at the moment, I am holding off. As things start to pop, and the if the dryspell continues, the new plants from last year will be getting a drink.

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selkie_b(z4 MN)

Today(Sunday) RAIN - real honest to goodness RAIN with thunder even!


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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Yep, I asked John to walk the dog and lo and behold it rained. I wonder if I can rent them out as rainmakers?

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I'm getting some good rain here as well. The sound of rain hitting my roof never sounded so good. I guess I did not upset "the forces that be" too bad with my complaint about no rain. . .

I'm sorry "forces that be" - I will trust that you will give us the essentials that we need to effectively play in the dirt with our beloved plants . .

- Adam

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For what it is worth.

I sensed a lack of rain in the beginning of April here in St Paul so I got out the hose a little over a week ago. Glad I did cause the tulips were just beginning to show in the ground and on the north side of a fence there was still snow/ice. Well, I watered a few nights, just a little drink and within a few days, things started shooting up and the trees (small ones in a row) started budding way before the other trees on the street did. Now, today we got a good soaking rain but the grass seed I put down on the boulevard has a weeks head start and this rain now will make the soil damp for an inch or more down. I think I gave it a good head start.

Other bulbs are shoving thru the Earth now and this rain will only help them out more and I won't need to water for a week or more cause more rain is due mid week. Now, the ground is not warm enough to set out too many plants yet but for the early bloomers I think a little help doesn't hurt.

So, what is wrong with giving nature a hand when needed?

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