Radishes are up!

jel48(Z4 Michigan)April 13, 2006

I planted radishes in one tub and lettuce and endive in the other, on April 3.... and the radishes are up today! Sure feels like spring... our high was 86 today and it's still 75 at nearly 8:30 pm.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Bumping down

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Congratulations! I just planted radishes this evening, so I'll need another week to catch up. I planted peas April 1. They are all up and ready to climb.

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sallym(z4 MN)

Thanks for the reminder jel48. I went out and checked on my radishes because I planted the same day as you. Here they come! I put more radish seed in the ground yesterday. My peas are another story. No sign of them and althea's are ready to climb! I best get out there and replant! So happy Spring is here....

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Hi Althea and Sally! I'm glad to hear you both have veggies up and growing too (even if not all of the ones planted). I am trying to plant my peas, but one thing or another keeps putting me off. Today, it started raining just as I got home from work! I planted lettuce and endive the same day as the radishes, and those are up as of the next day. I'm hoping to get some onions, cabbage, and brussels sprouts out soon too (seedlings grown in my back room) but they weren't at the top of last weekend's list so.... maybe this coming weekend :-)

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My radishes are up!

The peas are climbing. Yesterday I planted spinach and kohlrabi. I'm going outside to dig up some more lawn now.

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