more info available on swapped plants

gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)May 14, 2005

I realize that I talked some people's ears off, but others probably picked up a little pot, thought "this looks interesting" and went off without even a label! If you got something from GardenPaws/Robin and want to know more about its nature or habits or identity, feel free to email me with the name or description. If I get a lot of queries on one plant, I'll post the info on the main site. (and yes, I really need to schedule label-making time as well as potting time for the next swap. . .)


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What is this?

Around lunchtime, I nabbed two unlabelled plants in styrofoam cups from a car that was parked around back near the shed by Laurel's car (and Robin's car too, I think). I thought they were oregano, because they looked like oregano and there were also styrofoam cups with thyme seedlings (which were labelled "thyme" in pencil on the cup rims). But they're not oregano. If they were yours -- whoever you are -- could you tell me what they are? Thanks!

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I don't know who brought the Lycoris (please step forward!) but as a jaded gardener ("I already have everything I want") I was thrilled to find huge pots of this in an unattended truck. So Thank you who ever you are! Can anyone tell me what month it usually blooms in this area? I need that info to properly place it.

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