Sprinkler system recommendations

hrtbreakerApril 27, 2010

Greetings friends,

I live in Blaine and am interested in putting in a lawn irrigation system in my yard. It's a typical 1/3rd of an acre suburban lawn size.

Does anyone have any recommendations on good companies to use? I've googled lawn sprinkler installers and have found a ton of companies but don't know where to start.

Other than price, what should you consider when having a system installed?

Thanks for any & all help!

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We had ours installed last year by Hedlund Irrigation.
They beat the other companies by MILES when it came to price. They were fast, having our system installed in 1/2 day... we also have 1/3 acre.

They set us up so we have room to expand and also were willing to install an extra spigot for us at the back of our lot and didn't charge a huge amount for it.

They gave us several choices for the types of heads we wanted for different applications and even were willing to switch out the heads during the install when we didn't like the spray pattern onto one of our gardens.

Later in the year, when one of the heads started malfunctioning, they were out here within 2 days and replaced the head, no questions asked.

High recommendations.

If you choose to use someone else, it's very important that you are very familiar with programming. You need to be able to add time to zones as you get to know what your lawn/gardens need.

Also, if you have gardens, go ahead and have them put on your system, even if you plan to manually water or plan for drip irrigation.

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I just thought of something else.
Be aware that your lawn requires more water than gardens and shrubs. Ask your installer to put your gardens on a different zone than your lawn.
And depending on some factors, you might also have a different kind of head. One that shoots a less forceful stream... though it doesn't shoot as far.
If I had it to do again, I'd have had them install some heads at the back corners of my yard... up on 2-3' risers. This way, it wouldn't shoot AT my plants, rather ABOVE them.

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We called Chet at Springborn 1-763-780-8012.I would STRONGLY recommend his and his crew!

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I loved the guy that installed ours. He was able to do what I wanted that 3 others who put in bids couldn't (rid o rust on select zones and a drip window box w/ a shut-off - doesn't sound that tough, but apparently was for some), plus he was much less expensive. I'm in the northern subs too, but he works all over the cities. Can I e-mail you the contact info directly?

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