full sun, fast growing, blooming hedge idea?

idafrances(4)April 24, 2008

Hi all,

I'm looking for a mix of plants to plant against a chain link fence to help create some privacy in the summer and fall. I was thinking lilacs or roses? I'm really open to anything that will grow quickly, be easy to care for and give off a bit of color.


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A few other possibilities:

Viburnum, especially trilobum, is one of my favorites

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Refreshing to hear, "a mix of plants" it is so much more interesting than a single species hedge. I love Dwarf Korean Lilac... but don't let the term 'Dwarf' fool you, they grow quite large. Some of the newer, smaller, lilac cultivars are nice as well, 'Tinkerbelle' for example. Roses, shrub roses, are good color at high summer, weigela are good for spring and early summer blooms and year round foliage color, and you can also reap interest from things like 'Blueberry Muffin' Vibernum which have white flowers in spring and cool blue berries later on.

Have a ball! Helen.

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Thanks!!! I especially like the blueberry muffin viburnum!

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I have a mixed shrub hedge. I added hydrangeas, shrub roses, lilacs, snowball viburnum, weigela, and varigated red twig dogwood in accordence to the sun availability along my fence line. As the hedge grows I am using bee balm, rudebekia, coneflower to fill in the empty spaces. The perennials grew fast and spread making a thick hedge about three to four feet high with the shrubs poking out above them. Some of the shrubs are taller than others. Very satisfying if you don't mind the fact nothing is uniform. I have a lot of bird life as well. I will feel sad when the shrubs start shading out the perennials

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Thanks cookiebabe! That sounds like just what a was looking for...a bit of everything. Now I just have to convince my husband that uniform is bad! Bad!

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