box elder bugs

nicollerApril 6, 2011

My husband and I are having a huge problem with box elder bugs. They have been in our house all winter and we are anticipating a worse than usual outdoor crop of them.I think we are going to break down and use Tempo this year on the outside of the house(already used soapy water and box elder be-gone). Has anyone used it? Any effects on plants? Would love some advice.... they are really bad.

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

I have used Bugg Slayer and it works great.
Unlike soap, it doesn't work on contact, but it does have lasting residual effect.

A few years back, at a different house, we had them terribly. They live near female box elder trees and live on the seeds (I think).

When we had trouble, I called an exterminator and they were kind enough to educate me on how these bugs live. In MN, our summers allow them to have about 3 life cycles. First the adults come out of their warm winter hiding spots (usually our attics), glue their butts together, lay eggs (clusters of red dots, no bigger than a grain of salt). The eggs hatch and the wingless- nymphs run around and feed. The key is killing the nymphs before they develop wings.

If you're diligent with Bugg Slayer and soap, you can make a substantial dent in the population and greatly reduce your winter squatters.

I keep a spray bottle at the ready on the front porch and back deck so that I can spray any cluster of these annoyances I find! It really helps to drench their "sunning spots" with Bugg Slayer since it does have lasting residual effects.

In my yard, those sunning spots are on the East side of my house (in the morning) and the west side of my garden as the sun comes over the top!

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