Lighting help-- ID my light! Thanks.

afbq(7)May 1, 2014

What kind of light am I getting here? It's right next to my house and the roof line shades it at various parts of the day. I have hyacinths and they are not doing well (so I'm going to move them). If I can ID what kind of light I have then I'll be able to get the appropriate plants. Otherwise, I'll end up with sad plants. What kind of light would you say this is?

10 am:

around 12 (the light is softer, but hopefully you can see the light/shade line)

at 2 (the light/shade line is at the edge of the side walk)

around 4

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Move the Hyacinths. they are only nice a few weeks anyway. Put in some hostas, ferns, heucheras, Hellebores, epimediums, or other shade loving plants that have interesting foliage. I think the "light" you have would be called mostly shade.

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