Please Suggest a Small Maple I Should Plant

ZubberBritSeptember 16, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Gardening novice here and first time poster so please excuse my ignorance.

Im looking for a small maple with red-ish leaves for a yard I am fixing up. It will be planted in Massachusetts in an area next to a deck that gets lots of morning & midafternoon summer sun.

I really dont want it taller than 5 feet but 8 is the absolute Max. It will be planted in a bed no bigger than 4.5 ft. wide. In the linked photo it will replace the evergreen shrub on the left once the bed has been widened and the timbers replaced.

From what I have read here I was looking to use the Japanese Maple Ruby Stars or "Acer palmatum Corallinum".

Am I on the right track or would you suggest something else.

Thanks for the help :)

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I would recommend avoiding 'Corallinum' - it is not a robust plant, very prone to pseudomonas and not very tolerant of any hot afternoon sun. Instead I would recommend 'Pixie' - only gets to about 5' tall ( maybe to 7' after many years) and is a strong grower, happy in afternoon sun. And it has great coloring that holds up well in sun, something that a number of red leaved maples do not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acer palmatum 'Pixie'

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Thanks very much I appreciate the info. I'll get looking for some Pixie's :)

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Shaina could be a possibility. Rarefind Nursery has 2 gallon ones.

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