Droopy Maple Branches (pic)

notesSeptember 2, 2007

Cause for concern or pruning?

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I see no problem there. You may want to prune those limbs back a little next february or so to prevent it from getting worse. Generally it is just the leaves weighing down the branches on fairly vigorous growth.

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Meiji(Z5 MA)

I agree with the first poster as to the cause. Is this tree a freemani (saccharinium x rubrum)? My freemani took a similar shape at this stage of growth. Rather than prune it, I let the more downward-pointing branches mature and harden into that shape. While this may produce lower branches that are more prone to breaking off in high winds or heavy ice decades down the line, for now it has produced a very pleasing "starburst" sort of habit in my freeman's foliage.

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Yep. It's an Autumn Fantasy.
Can't wait to see what color changes (if any) will occur later in the fall.
I'll leave it alone for awhile.
Then maybe take some courses in tree pruning. ;=)
Any chance of getting a pic or 2 of your tree, meiji?

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