annual morning glorys

izzy58(4)May 15, 2010

Grrrrrrrr. OK, so now the weather is nice. my morning glory plants that i have been weathering indoors could finally be planted!! so happily i planted them outdoors today and by this evening they are practically dead!! i did have them outside during the days when the temp was 50 degrees and above so why now are they practically dead? i also planted my mixed colored ones and they are just fine but the blue ones..... anyone with any thoughts on this? my sweet pea babies weathered much better than the morning glorys...

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I am not a morning glory expert. I have found that morning glories do not transplant very well and seem to do better direct seeded into the ground. Also, they like it very warm, and I have found that it has worked best for me to plant in June when the soil is truly warm. Sweet peas like it cold.

Because I have had difficulty getting MG and moon flowers to bloom before frost, I have grown them in containers with a very careful and gradual hardening off period.

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They are probably in shock...I disagree with Hoghaven, I think they transplant just fine, been doing it for years. Make sure they have adaquate water (they probably do) and wait, lots of things shock in the first warm days.


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