Is it too far...?

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)June 17, 2005

So have you guys seen the plant place in Staunton, VA called The Weird Dude's Plant Zoo?

He's having a HUGE sale because they're moving their greenhouse. It's only through the end of June.

It's just so hard to go to Virginia......

isn't it?


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I know I cross the Potomac only under extreme duress. ;-)

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Dear lord Christine, that's hitting waaay below the belt. What a dirty, rotten thing to do!

If you're going, let me know, 'kay?


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Larry Kahn(7b)

This place is out in the boonies. Down I-81, and around 2.5 hours from the DC area.

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They were at the Horticultural society sale. Just over the wilson bridge. I bought a few miniature things. There stuff really looked good.

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

If you can make it to Manassas (2x), you can make it there! I haven't been to his place, but he was at the Green Springs sale and had wonderful things. Purchased quite a few things from him and all are doing great. I would head over if I weren't going out of town. Suz

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sfmiller(z7 MD)

Come on, can *anyone* resist a trip to a place called "The Weird Dude's Plant Zoo" that sells "new, cool & groovy plants"?

Put on your bell-bottoms, hop in the VW bus, and get out there!


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Brent_In_NoVA(z7/6 VA)

I am just getting to the point where I can get the "plain and common" plants to live. I think I will have to pass on "new, cool & groovy" for now!!

- Brent

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braspadya(z7a MD)

Thanks for posting your message, Christine! I was able to make a trip down there today & feel that it was well worth the trip. The fellow who runs the nursery is really knowledgable & quite friendly - not the aging hippie that I expected to find :-)

The sale prices make this a huge bargain. I was able to get a 2 gallon pot of variegated Fatsia japonica for $15. Lots of the stuff that I got was 4 to 6 dollars a pot; similar plants at Plant Delights can cost 15 to 20 dollars a piece.

So, if there is anything that catches your fancy in the catalog, I'd say go for it. They do ship. Or a road trip down there is possible to do in one day. It took me 3 hours each way from Silver Spring, not couting Beltway blues.

Happy growing!


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