Feedback on Local Harvest listing please

2ajsmamaAugust 1, 2012

2nd time was successful. Can I get opinions? I tried to list everything we grow, even if I don't have it this year (e.g., will have strawberries, raspberries next year, no apples this year since they didn't blossom). Some veggies are listed summer/fall since the peppers and tomatoes go into Sept and even Oct (like last year) if it's mild. I don't want to list spring tomatoes until I have a high tunnel though ;-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Local Harvest listing for Briarwoods Farm

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If you list everything that MIGHT be, people will want them at the time that they are looking. I know starting it out took a lot of time. Keep updating it with announcements of what you will have in the next week or so. 1 problem that I have keeping updated. I looked at your entry and it looks good.


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Well, I don't think people will be looking for strawberries now - listing said in spring. Might be looking for raspberries? Should I take that off for now (just planted this year, picking a handful a week)? I guess I will take apples off since it doesn't look likw we'll have any this year?

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I would place an announcement about not having apples and maybe something like 'too late for spring crops, check back next year'. I've have bought strawberries locally all the way til frost. Variety call Seascape, hubby loves them, he tries to freeze enough to last thru winter.

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if you are not growing it now don't list it as it is super easy to check and uncheck boxes. I generally do an update about 3x a year or more if things fail and I know we will not have them.

If you haven't uploaded a photo do so as that seems to put you up in their search engine. Paying $$ puts you at the top but I never thought it was worth it for me and frankly i get a lot more business from my Face Book page than my Local harvest page but i still keep the LH page as it is free and I do get a few emails each year from it and a couple translate into customers.

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I was trying to write a general description - I can just say "berries, veggies, and herbs" instead of listing all the kinds, and delete the apple butter.

Don't people pay attention to the seasonal availability though, even if it is easy to check and uncheck boxes?

Facebook - guess you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming to join there. Maybe a business account wouldn't be bad. I'll have to look into it.

I wanted to start a website, even registered with Google for free account this spring, but DH and DS (who is webmaster for his scout troop) haven't designed it yet so I've given up. Maybe a blog (though I'm not a good writer, and would have to stop posting on GW to have enough time to write a blog LOL)?

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People don't know about seasonal availability, if it's in the grocery stores, they assume that it's local.

I'm not a website developer either, nor a blogger, but I've been told that if you can write on a forum, you can write on a blog.

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The Local Harvest listing has the seasons (WSSF) listed with check marks for availability - tho I guess if "Summer" is checked for strawberries they might assume *all* summer and not just June, as you say there are everbearing types.

Yep, I figured the blog might be the easiest thing for me rather than designing a whole site with multiple pages.

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yes, these strawberries produce all season til the frost kills them back. And they taste good.

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