Have This Year's Iris Bloomed In Maryland?

missmary(6b)June 16, 2011

I moved into a new house last fall and am going through my first year of identifying the plants in the yard. I was gone all through the month of May, and one week of June, so I missed seeing what bloomed then.

I have what I think are iris growing in part of the yard - but now I'm not so sure.

Since I want to move the iris away where they are at, I started digging them up, and they just seem to be green stems with roots. I haven't rinsed the soil off the roots, but I don't see obvious rhizomes sticking out from in there - just green stems attached to roots.

Is there a chance they aren't iris? Could they be an ornamental grass?

The green stems are growing in the shape of a circle (not a ball) with nothing in the middle. Is that normal?

I think there is a leftover stem of a dead bloom on a couple of these plants.

How do iris do in shade?

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My irises are new-ish plants, given to me by family and my husband's boss last fall. I planted them quickly so they would bloom this year. Only one did, but the others are healthy with nice foliage. My one iris to bloom budded at the end of April and opened at the beginning of May. I noticed irises around town blooming around the same time. My irises are growing in full sun, but I know that my mother's iris (in Indiana) grow in partial sun, under her lilac bushes.

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I have Iris's in two different places in my yard and neither one bloommed this year. I have no reason as to why.

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My iris bloomed a while back. The ones that end up shaded don't bloom well for me so I move them to a sunnier spot. What didn't bloom were my lilacs and I noticed that none of my akebias bloomed either (3 different varieties). I've heard from a number of people about their lilacs not blooming and noticed that there were none (or very few) in any yards in Mont. or Howard counties this spring.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Could what you have be candy lily or blackberry lily? Neither have the tuber that iris have and do better in more shade than iris does. They also have similar foliage. My blackberry lily has not bloomed yet this year. My irises bloomed back in May.

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