Selling Hercules crowder pea seed question?

wertach zone 7-B SCAugust 13, 2013

My local feed and seed wanted me to grow out some Hercules pea seed for them since they get a lot of requests and have no bulk source. They know that I have been saving the seed for many years.

I gave them about 1 lb. to distribute last year when they got requests. That is the reason they asked me to grow out seed for them.

They are hard to find and popular around here with folks that remember them. I understand why, they are easy to grow, pick,and shell. They are my and everyone that has tried them favorite!

Most folks don't like the new and improved version Colossus80. They don't taste as good.

Clemson (South Carolina Crop Improvement Association) has them, $3 for 150 seed.

I stopped in to the feed and seed store today to get some other seed.

I told the manager that I have about 10 lb. now and will have more soon. I asked her what she planned to pay for them.

She said that she didn't remember asking me to grow them out for her. She said she would buy them for $4 a pound after I got a germination test! The germination test is free so no biggy, but $4 A POUND!

I'm thinking about offering them on E-Bay. I am not a certified organic grower but they have been grown using organic practices. No chemical fertilizers and no pesticides.

Can I make the statement "grown using organic practices" on E-Bay?

I'm sure that would bring in more buyers. But I can't prove that fact!

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I wouldn't, I don't take the chance that the Organic Certifiers would catch me and I don't want to pay the huge fee. That's just me.

If she's planning on paying you $4/lb, then she'll retail them at $8. Standard practice on bulk seed. If she buys them, she's taking the chance of them not selling and she'd have forever. You might offer a consignment agreement, that way she won't have to worry about having seed that might not sell.

Get everything in writing, from them asking you to grow the seeds to the final agreement about who keeps the leftover unsold seed.

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You could state that they were grown using no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizer. It's not as powerful statement as organic but that's why we pay a certifier to inspect our farm. Also, I think you can use "organic" if you sell less than $5k per year and you can prove that you grow organically.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA Organic Certification Exemptions

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks myfamilysfarm, and PJFarm,

I might talk to her about consignment.

"If she's planning on paying you $4/lb, then she'll retail them at $8."

No, she will sell them by the ounce, probably $3 per ounce. Depending on who comes in, she may sell all or none. She sells the "new and improved" Colossus crowder peas for $3 per ounce.

She sells a lot of seed to people that have small gardens and only need a few seed.

The old timers used to ask for them all of the time according to the guy that actually weighs and packages the seed. He said that the old timers don't like the Colossus crowder peas.

Most people think that they have became extinct, which they almost did.

I am going to offer them on E-Bay soon with a statement that although they are not certified organic. But they have been grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

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How about just posting an ad on the local bulletin board? I'm sure there is one around.

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Hello there Wertach, I'm a home gardener in north Georgia who's looking to purchase some Hercules pea seed. Do you have some seed that you'd be interested in selling to an individual? Thank you in advance, I look forward to hearing from you. My email is

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wertach, if you ever do this again get a contract of some sort together and signed by them and also ask for a deposit, non refundable, of at least 25% for what you expect to sell them. That stops that sort "memory loss"

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