Lack of Bees

fanfortony(7 Frederick, MD)June 27, 2009

Anyone else having trouble with squash not getting pollinated? I am not seeing ANY bees this year. All my zucc is dying on the vine, getting about 3 inches long then turning to mush. I've started to hand pollinate but don't think I'm having much luck. The females are closed when the males are open and vice versa. Now I'm noticing that the same thing is happening to my acorn squash and butternut. I was really looking forward to the squash harvest this year. Anyone want to share their bees?

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francescod(6b/7a VA)

The link below may give you some help as to properly pollinating by hand. I think the key is to use newly opened female flowers. You can probably open the male flowers to collect the pollen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pollinating squash

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Not having much problem with pollinators up here near Bel Air. Last year I had to do some hand pollinating to get some zucchini. Seemed to work fine.

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I haven't seen nearly as many bees as I have in years past. In fact just two years ago I remember picking up apples at a house I take care of because the yellow jackets were all over the squashed (squished?) apples, but this year not a one, and this morning I looked and looked and I only found one sleepy lil bee in one of my pumpkin flowers and I find this VERY SCARY, I would think that the lack of bees would be (ahem) all a buzz with the media but ether no one else is noticing or is this just a local thing around only my gardens? have I offended the compost gods by not worshiping them as I used to do?
does anyone know of any school or large group that needs a composting guru? (I do miss composting on a grand scale)
oh, what to do? what to do?

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I have actually noticed an INCREASE in bees... Hooray! I have a lot clover in my yard. Earlier this season, all I saw were the huge bumblebees. In the past month, I have noticed honey bees in the clover. They are going crazy on my squashes. As the daughter of a beekeeper, I am very conscious of these pollinators. A friend visited last night and commented on all the pollinators flying around. So, I think bees are making a least in Reisterstown, MD.

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