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captainlucSeptember 6, 2009

To all your grafters out there I have what one might perceive as a stupid question. However, I was always curious and wanted to throw it out there.

I am a big fan of Maples of all species, both hardwood Maples and Japanese Maples. I have been collecting both of these in my backyard and have over 30 varieties currently, but can't stop collecting them.

I need some tall shade trees in my yard, which brought me to an idea of wondering if it was possible to get a Japanese maple tree that is capable of also being a shade tree reaching 50+ feet tall, and vigorously growing to that height.

I know grafting can be used to improve some cultivars by amending an improved root stock onto them. But can you marry say a Red Maple root stock and a Japanese Maple Scion and get vigorous growth and reach the height of 50+ feet?

Thanks for all those that help me in my ever ponderous question.

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No. In general, plants must be grafted onto members of the same genetic Section and Series. Acer rubrum is in the Section Rubra. Japanes Maples (Acer palmatum) are in the Section Palmata, Series Palmata. Other members of this section and series are:

Acer circinatum
Acer japonicum
Acer pseudosieboldianum
Acer robustum
Acer shirasawanum
Acer sieboldianum

These should be compatible for grafting, and in most cases cross-pollinating with Acer palmatum.


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