fireglow japanese maple

zola_nySeptember 9, 2006

i recently purchased a fireglow japanese maple. i wanted the fireglow for its ability to take full sun without losing its color. At the very upscale,and reputable nursery i asked why the color was not like the one i have at home (in full sun) and they said it may be because they have theirs in shade. could this be so or was he just trying to get rid of stock, and how long will it take the leaves to brighten if i put it in full sun. i dont want to plant yet because i want to see if its the right tree. thanks in advance

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Alot depends on what it really looks like is it just not as red or is it green ???and yes sun heat etc can make a differnce in its E1 in full sun this summer is almost totally green while another one in the shade is red fireglow is red to red/bronze in mostly full sun some later afternoon shade it got alot of leaf burn this year and is definitly NOT currently "glowing" but looks nice but the 'green E1 ( which was bright red as was the fireglow in the spring ...the E1 has just a bit of leaf tip burn. So YES location and weather conditions can make a big differnce ...If it is a reputable nursery your prob. allright but it could also be mislabed might return it and buy one in spring when it should definitly should have that fireglow "glow" even if in partial shade IMHO ..David

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Oh btw I don't think your tree will "red up" til it does so naturally in the fall. None of my reds that I recieved green or turned green during the hot summer EVER turned back red although many dealers tell you they will and in certain parts of the country maybe they will but I can tell you don't hold your breath. Except for second flushes of new growth that may or may not come in late july to early sept ( in my area) stunning against the rest of the then summered green or bronze late summer color ..David

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I too bought a Fireglow in the spring. It was a beautiful red for the first 1-2 months, then it bronzed out in the summer. I live in southern NH and it is located in a sunny location with a southern exposure. We had an extremely rainy spring and then hot dry summer. I'm wondering if the crazy weather made the tree turn it's bronze color. Will it return to it's "fire-glow" color this fall?....Today I did see one group of leaves that are bright red, which makes me hopeful. I wonder if this this new growth or the changing of the seasons and also if it will return to that beautiful red next spring. I'm a new gardener so would appreciate any insight.

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

most every red I have... stayed red all last summer no problema and the same ones greened or bronzed out this summer even bloodgoods and tamakuyamas, E1's and fireglows you name 'em they DIDN'T stay red period!!... I would expect yours to be normal and red next year baring another weird exceptionally hot summer like this one. and baring a weird fall they should get their fall color but as with all "color" trees the weather conditions effect that display too the three big ones... rain or lack of, heat and cold and humidity...David

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mrclose(7 va)

The FireGlow name comes from how the tree looks .. 'Lit Up' as the sun shines behind it.

Fireglows are not exactly a red crimson year round.

They are an almost burgundy color .. like bloodgood, (Fireglows, hereditary parent) until the fall then .. "Watch Out" .. They Really earn the FireGlow name then!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mrclose(7 va)

Here is another picture of my fireglow in All of its glory .. After looking dull and drab most of the year.

(BTW) Your seeing a tree that has lost three quarters of it's leaves .. preparing itself for the winters hibernation. 8-)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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tree_oracle(z6b MA)

For some definitive pics of Fireglow, scroll down a list of pics that I posted in the Maples Gallery. Once you've seen Fireglow, it's hard to mistake it for Bloodgood or any of the other red-leaf Japanese maples. It's best color is in the spring when it leafs out. Just an absolute fiery red color. It's far more intense than just about any Japanese maple that I've seen with the exception of Shindeshojo. My tree is in full sun and I've never seen any hint of green on it. The fall color is OK but it doesn't rival the spring color

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i also planted a fireglow last year(oct). i'm afraid i planted it to deep. also not enough drainage. the nursery i bought it from advised me to raise it. and since i have
clay/rock mixed soil they advised that i mound it, which i did. after 3 weeks. i went ahead and replaced it. i plulled it out and placed it in a pot with the same soil that the new tree came in. its been in the pot for another 3 weeks. still no leafs. the branches are flexable. if you scrape the serfice, its still green onder it. do you think i should give up, or will it come back. i realy don't want to give up on it. any help will be appreciated.

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