Does hardiness of perenials depend on depth or medium of material

srj19(4)May 11, 2009


Just wondering if plants that are perenials are not hardy when not planted in the ground. For example had some Echinachea, Goblin and Lupine in pots that didn't come back while lupine planted did. ?!? The frost line doent cease until much farther than these plant roots so what's happening here?

I'd also like to plant a small dwarf Cherry Tree in a homeade planter/bed for the time being until I move and get some real space. Will this likely be able to survive? The plant label claims it's hardy to -20 to -30



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Generally, roots of plants are not as hardy as the tops. Frozen ground is still much warmer than the air temperature in mid-winter. It may be -20 outside, but the roots in frozen ground may still be around +20 or more. As your experience showed, sometimes things will survive in a pot, but you are surely taking a risk.

As for your cherry tree, the same applies. Even though hardy to -30, the roots will likely be killed if exposed to those temps. Not sure what you mean by planter/bed thing, but if it is above ground at all I would find a way to insulate it during the winter such as piling up leaves or straw around it.

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I'm just impatient to get a Cherry tree. I don't have room to plant it but if I could build a 2.5 X 2.5 ft above ground box so I could at least let it grow until the time I move and get some planting space. Maybe it'll produce some fruit.

Crazy right?

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