Pot for replanting Japanese Maples

macknkssSeptember 26, 2012

I've been reading these forums trying to figure out what a good planter size would be for an aconitofolium and all red lace leaf JM. The trunk diameter of the acon is 1" and it's 2 feet tall, the all red is .5" and it's a little over 1 foot tall. They are currently in pots that are 10" wide, 12" tall.

I bought the pots in the link below but am worried they are to shallow at only 6" deep and 20" wide. Will these work for 2 years or so? How deep does it need to be if not. Thanks,



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Nice pot but not what I'd consider very appropriate for your trees. You might be able to do the red laceleaf in this for a season but that's about it. The Aconitifolium is too big already and will only get bigger.

I grow all of my JM's in containers and I tend to err on the generous side, simply because I am not fond of root pruning or repotting too frequently. It would help to know the rootball size now - I tend to pot up 1G plants into 2 or 3G containers right away and leave them for a couple of seasons. I then move them up to larger containers for a more permanent home - typically something at least 20-24" in diameter and close to the same depth.

One other factor you want to think about - in addition to being an adequate size for the root mass, you want your containers to be of appropriate scale or proportion to the tree - too shallow a container looks weird for a taller tree. Like a bonsai that has run amok!!

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Thanks for the advice gardengal, a larger size is probably better. I just ordered this from Rite Aid, all their garden stuff is 50% off with free shipping now.


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