Maryland ES

shorebill(7b MD EShore)June 20, 2007

I have been wondering if we have any members from Maryland's Eastern Shore. I am in Hebron MD.

Thanks Bill

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crabjoe(z7 MD)

Hebron.... Isn't that close to where all those signs are along Rt50 where it says "Pop Pop's peaches, Pop Pop's watermelon's, Pop Pop's etc...?"

I'm over in Cecil, Co, but if you're were I think you might be, I usually drive by there on my way to go fishing. I have a boat down in Church Creek, at Gootee's Marine, that I trailer around. I almost always stop by the Exxon Station, on the eastern sided of river past Vienna, that has the sign "Chicken Man" to pick up something to eat. I just love their chicken and ribs!

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maders(Zone 7)

Hey- hebron- I worked at allenbank nursery in...1992 that is where the bug bite me!

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shorebill(7b MD EShore)

I am only about 10 mins away from Allenbank. It has changed owners since you worked there.

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Hey Bill
I am 5 min. from Hebron on the west side. I am mainly into tropicals and palms ect.

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scarzi(z7 MD)

I was told about Peppers Nursery in Milford DE. Ever been there?

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

I'm near Crisfield though when the humidity hits here my heart is still wishing it was in Kodiak.

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treehouse(z7 MD USA)

I'm in Cecil County on the Elk River.


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Hi Bill,

I'm a couple miles down the road in the "city" that everyone laughs at for our guv'mint...

(they also laugh at ME for having a garden! And even worse, for refusing to use chemicals!)

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I lived in Salisbury until a couple of months ago. We're in Sussex County now.

Pepper's in Milton is great! It's pretty large-- one of the largest nurseries around here, I think-- and they have a large selection of hard to find plants. I make my husband take me there a couple of times a year to browse around and buy something special. Another good nursery for hard to find plants is Thomas's-- about 20 minutes south of Pokomoke over the VA line.

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Kubileya, you got out right before it all went to pot...the housing market is dead and we just got a 14% tax hike. Now our water is going up 10% as well.

I've always had a lot of luck finding plants at Johnson's here in town. Usually end up getting myself in TROUBLE because I go for one thing and come home with five!

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