Training/Pruning JM Waterfall

lpalesSeptember 21, 2008

I just bought a JM Waterfall and it is about 4' tall. It was staked when I got it. I removed the stake per recommendations from the sales rep. However, it's put up a new leader and based on what I've read in the forum, I believe it should be re-staked until it reaches the height I want. But, and here's my question. Should I prune it into a tree or let it stay bushy so it becomes a large rounded mound? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Most of the photos on the internet show it as a tree but I thought it was supposed to be a bush. ??? Staking it again will depend on whether or not it's supposed to be a tree. If it's supposed to be a tree then I think it needs to be taller. Thanks so much.

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Hi lpales--- I think you can do whichever you want here. There are several Japanese maples that if left alone will form a weeping mound. But, if you want it to gain some height, then you need to stake it and train a leader up.

So, I think you can do either in this case, it just depends if you prefer a tree or a shrub.

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