Where to buy large lilacs?

jenswrensMay 9, 2006

I want to get some lilacs that are already big, and the only ones I can seem to find are ~2 ft tall in gallon containers, and they're charging like $40-50 for them.

Is there anywhere in the cities that sells bigger lilacs? In NJ a few years ago I bought one balled and burlaped for about $20. It's really not the price so much...I'd just like to get one a little bigger than what I see for sale around here. I've only tried Bachmans and Linders so far. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I have a contractor's discount at Gertens and will be there sometime tomorrow morning. I'll check the availability, although I have never seen B&B shurbs anywhere in MN. I suspect the largest you could get is 15-gallon. You might do better asking if someone wants a large one removed and offer to remove it. I have taken a few down, never moved one, but they are really tough to kill. I'll get back here Thursday morning and let you know what they have.

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Thanks so much loodean! If you know of anyone who wants one removed, I'm there! You can email me on my page if you come across anyone who's looking to ditch some.

Come to think of it, I too have never seen B&B shrubs here. Why is that I wonder?

Keep me posted. :-)

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McKay Nursery out of Wisconsin has a supply of B&B lilacs, some nice varieties, but not a really large choice. I think their prices are in the 50-60 dollar range. They deliver To TC area at least weekly. I bought some shrubs from them last year and was really pleased. Check out their website http://www.mckaynursery.com

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Thanks Karen. I checked it out, but it looks like you have to go through a landscape designer to order any plants from them, and that's not something I'm willing to do for one plant. Is that what you did or am I missing something here?

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No garden designer needed. I used one of their plant reps. There is no fee and If I remember correctly, no delivery fee either.. Email me and I'll dig up the representative I used and you can get the particulars from him. Karen

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Hi Jenswrens -

Tried to email you, but error message kept coming up. I talked to Gertens, the largest size they have is a 7 gallon. They don't have any B&B lilacs. I didn't hike out and see it, but I suspect it is about 48" tall. They have 3 varities in a 7 gallon: common, Charles Joy (double magenta) and Miss Kim which is a dwarf that I suspect you are not interested in. I didn't see the retail price - it is probably $44.95, price to me is $31. Let me know how to email you. Thanks.

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Hi Jen -
This is a total off the post question, but I am trying to find you:) I saw a pic of your pine floors. We are about to take the plunge. Can you tell me about their finish? You can email me sj1578@gmail.com if you will and get this:) Thanks!

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