Trillium Grandiflorum

jel48(Z4 Michigan)May 28, 2009

I love my yard! Look what I found blooming last night!

Trillium Grandiflorum - a protected species here in Michigan

This is the trillium with the largest blossums of the 9 speciese of trilliums that are native here.

It's absolutely amazing, the amount of wildflowers that show up in the yards here in Laurium. We didn't move in until June 9 last year, so it's been fun seeing the early spring blooms this year (for the first time).

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That is awesome!
We bought our property about 7 years ago. The back of which is all wooded. I'm always finding new wild flowers back their.
This week the yellow lady slippers and jack in the pulpits are blooming :)
We also have the declining trillium everywhere. But none of those beauties like you!

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Oh Joyce! I am so glad you have those trillium!

Those are my favorite woodland flowers. Our woods is covered in them every spring!

I planted a red trillium a few years ago and it is finally blooming and starting to spread. I have 5 of them blooming in my garden right now. The flowers aren't nearly as large or as showy as the white ones, tho. The white one is still my favorite!


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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Thanks digbert and Linda!

Linda, you mentioned your red trillium taking a few years to bloom. Do you know if they typically need to be established a long time before they will bloom? I hadn't spotted that info on the Trillium yet, but when I looked up some yellow Toad Lilies that we spotted while hiking, I read that it generally takes 7 years to bloom. A very good, good reason not to disturb certain wild flowers!

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