Need help figuring what to price to ask?

pnwjoy(8b-Kalama,Wa.)August 23, 2009


I'm thinking about posting some plants on my local Craig's list. I have some mature plants that I want to sell. Many are shrubs but I do have some perennials and a tree or two. All are growing in large to very large containers so they can be planted at most anytime in my area. I want to make a bit of money but want them to be a bargain at the same time so that hopefully they'll sell. As an example, I have a very healthy 10 year old Rose of Sharon that is about 4 ft + tall and it's growing in a 10 to 12 gallon container. It's in bloom right now. I don't know what to ask for it. I was thinking around $25.00. But I don't know if that would be too high to be considered a bargain? I haven't paid much attention in recent years to what plants go for so I really need some help.

Thank you,


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sounds about right, I pay $10-$14 for them wholesale, depending on whether its a patented variety or not. retaIL IS normally about twice wholesale depending on your location/market.

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Thank you, That helps alot. I tried comparing to online prices but found nothing as large or as mature as what I have here. Guess I can try at this price and if it doesn't sell lower it and try again.


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