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ejpintoSeptember 28, 2012

Hi, this maple started growing in a pot on my deck 2 years ago. It' grew from under a foot last year to over 5 ft this year after I transplanted it to larger pot. I'd like to identify it, but need some help. Please let me know your thoughts on the variety?

And should I bring it inside for the winter? I didn't last year, but we also had an exceptionally mild Chicago winter last year and I want it to flourish.

Thank you!

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Here's an image that I forgot to include with the first message.

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Looks like a silver maple, Acer saccharinum. Although perfectly hardy planted outdoors in your area, much less cold tolerant if left in that container. You want to keep the plant properly cold and in dormancy but not allow the container and soil to freeze. Someplace like an unheated attached garage? Temps need to stay above 30F but below around 40F.

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Sorry to be an opinionated a@%, but it does appear to be a silver maple. This means it is best planted in a garbage pile. They are messy, weak wooded, have unreliable variable fall color. I would suggest a silver maple/red maple hybrid such as "Autumn Blaze" or "Marmo" over a seedling silver maple any day. You can buy one 2-3 times that big at home depot,etc. for probably $8-15. They are not horrible trees in native environment, but there are WAY TOO MANY better maples to choose from for the suburban/urban landscape. If it was already 50 feet tall, I could see keeping it. But at that size start with a better tree.

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I believe this is a Florida Maple tree. It is 1 of 2 trees that were in my front yard when I bought my house 11 years ago. The other one died and was removed about 3 years ago. Now this one is doing the same thing. I am a horrible gardener but, I really don't want to loose another tree. What is wrong and how can I correct the problem?

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I have a maple just like this in my backyard, a big old 40 year old tree. It is a silver maple (Acer saccharinum).

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If by "wrong" you mean the silver patches on the trunk that would just be lichens, which are common, normal and harmless.

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it is silver, and do not throw it away i like them, and have a 60+year old one in my backyard, that has not hda any major damage, a few good size branches may have fallen, but not that bad. they can get 100+ ft like mine, and give lots of shade which is very nice

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