Aconitifolium Japanese Maple Growth Rate?

wynswrld98(z7 WA)October 20, 2009

I've read some wildly different things about sizes of the Aconitifolium Japanese Maple, was curious from those who planted them when they were smaller and have had them for many years what type of growth rate they've seen (e.g., bought in 2004 2' tall and now in 2009 is x feet tall). Thanks!

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I purchased what was labeled as 'Aconitifolium' aka 'Maiku Jaku' as a tiny plant in a 4" pot at the NW Flower and Garden Show perhaps 10 years ago. It was only about 8-10" tall at that time. I grew it on and repotted it as necessary, contemplating that I would move it into a permanent location in my garden once it achieved enough size to be self-sufficient.

Before that happened, it became very obvious that the tree was not 'Aconitifolium' at all but 'Green Cascade' - very similar in foliage attributes to Aconitifolium but with a very pronounced weeping habit. Long story short, the tree 10 years or so later is 3' tall and about 6' across. However, since it was a very low graft and with the confusion on the labeling, never staked to develop a more upright habit. Consequently it remained in a raised container, as the branches extended well below the height of the trunk. Lots of lateral growth as opposed to upright growth :-)

Not sure what you can get out of this tale except to say that when young, these trees will grow at a much faster rate than they will as they age. 'Aconitifolium' can be considered to have a moderate growth rate in our climate - I'd expect it to reach 10' in as many years and ultimately older specimens can reach 20-25' easily.

Because of their delicate, lacy leaf form and drop-dead gorgeous fall color, both remain two of my favorites of any of the Asian maples. And with significant cold hardiness to boot.

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Early on in life not too much vertical growth. Later(15+ years), you can see a foot a year growth, both up and out.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Here's one of mine after about 12 years.

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