High garlic prices??

fancifowl(5Pa)August 6, 2009

I am wondering whats up with garlic this season?? How are the prices around the country? I am experiencein very high prices at the wholesale auctions, 2 weeks ago I was getting $36 per peck,thats $180 per bushel. this past tuesday I received $45 per peck; I am taking a bunch more tomorrow and hope the prices are at least as good as tuesday. I wonder what is driving the prices, no california or Chuinese on the market yet?? I must say i am presenting some very nice garlics but even the cull types are fetching 3-4 bucks per quart, tiny ugly stuff, some not at all well presebnted or even cleaned with the stalks still on them are doing ok too..

I still only charge $1.00 per for the larger garlics.

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dirtdigging101(7 - NC)

at the charlotte nc farmers market a man is selling his on the stalk but clean big german garlic nice bunches for a dollar each and they are very nice and he is very busy

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I get $1 per corm for medium and $3.50 for the huge corms we use for seed. The vast majority of our larger corms we keep for our seed stock and do not sell at all. The small sizes I keep for garlic powder.

Our garlic sales are very good this year as our garlic is so much better than the Chinese stuff all the grocery stores carry. people only complain about the price until they try it than they cannot get enough.

I did not realize wholesale garlic was so high. I may have to up my price a bit.

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