What is attacking my Sycamore?

avoirgold(z7 MD)June 23, 2009

Hi All,

If anyone knows what is in the pix below, please let me know. Whatever it is has already killed 3 trees on my street. The black spots appear below the peeling bark. Not sure if the holes are cause or effect. Are there bugs causing the black areas or are they just taking advantage of a weekend tree? The black areas are hard, almost petrified. I can dig my fingernail into the bark under a peeled part, but not into the black areas. Any help would be appreciated. We want to save our trees.

Thanks so much!!

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Hi Jen,

You don't give any info on the leaves or crown of the tree, but I'm thinking either sycamore borer or canker stain.

Sycamore borer - see their page 10 and figure 26 here.

Canker stain

You may need a certified arborist that does diagnostics take a look at your trees or post your question in the Trees forum. Lots of folks there that know their trees.


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avoirgold(z7 MD)

The leaves appear normal, though they gradually thin from bottom to top. I would post more pix, but the county cut down my neighbor's tree that was 80% dead.


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