Vermiculite and Compost Supplier?

sqfootlyferJune 25, 2010


I just moved to Silver Spring MD and am desperately trying to find a supplier for large bags of vermiculite as well as different types of compost. Home Depot only has the small houseplant sized bags of vermiculite and only maybe 2 types of compost. I garden using the square foot method and am eager to get my soil ready.

Anyone know of local places? I am willing to drive, just do not want to wait to have these items shipped. (Someone just gave us 10 tomato plants that need to be transplanted asap.)


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meyer seed ridge rd baltimore md Steve S

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Try Hardware City at Connecticut and Knowles in Kensington.
Perhaps Johnson's (in Kensington as well) can help too.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Try Pogo's..type in the name Pogo's (Olney, Md.)and you'll find his website. It's out Ga. Ave. (Rt. 97)past Sunshine which is close to where Rt. 97 and Rt. 650 come together. I'm sure his website will give you directions. There is a telepone Number you can call I'm sure.

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Try Rels, Inc. It's at 16300 Layhill Rd. near Olney..their telephone # is 301-924-5656 or 301-774-9660. We always bought mulch and compro from them by the truckload. Most landscapers go there, but I'm not sure about the products you want. You can take your own truck or trailer and they'll scoup what amount you buy into your truck or trailer or you can have to deliver it and they do charge a delivery fee but I don't know what that is anymore. I would imagine you have to buy a mimimum amount for home delivery.

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azaleaphile(z7 MD)

Someone in the Silver Spring Freecycle group is always giving away bunny poop -- free compost. Go to and find the Silver Spring subsection. If you don't see her frequent postings, put in a Wanted request and you should get a response.

Why would you want vermiculite? Most garden experts recommend against it. Anyway, another place to check is Southern States on Rt. 198, east of New Hampshire Ave. They are the only supplier of chicken grit (small granite chips, essential for troughs and sharp drainage in garden beds) in this area, far as I can tell.

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Perlite better than vermiculite I believe. Steve S.

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