Need help with plant ID

donnap99(z7 MD)June 10, 2006

Take 2... just lost a post...

I need to identify a few plants in my yard - can't find a good online resource to help. Anyone know of one? In case you might be able to help, here are the descriptions. I could post pictures, but don't know how to do that on this message board.

1) sprout-like plants about 3" high and 8" across just popped up in my garden one day. The leaves are dark green and kidney-bean shaped, and so far there are 3 on each sprout.

2) A tree with dark red berries (they start out white), like raspberries, with alternating heart-shaped leaves, hairless, serrated edges. According to my son the berries are not posionous - since he ate about 30 at a neighbor's house. Then he found one of the trees in our woods.

3) A tree or bush or ovegrown weed with 5" leaves - they're not heart shaped, but close - where the top of a heart goes into a V it's straight across. Also hairless, alternating. There are seed pods that look like snow peas.



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gardenpaws_VA(z7 NoVA)

Hi Donna,
I'm going to give it a try, although pictures would help (particularly of the first item). The easiest method, actually, is to link to one of the online photo albums, or even just paste in the URL of your picture within such an album, without an active link (which is comparable to what I've done below).

#2 is almost certainly a mulberry (Morus), and they range from non-poisonous but blah to very tasty. Help your son find a book on native and naturalized plants and go through it to find the plants that are a treat and the ones to avoid. That way he can have fun discovering things, and you'll worry a lot less.

#3 is likely a redbud (probably our native Cercis canadensis). Did it have magenta or pink flowers before the leaves, and/or are some of those seed pods growing right out of the trunk or larger branches? If so, redbud is a definite.

Right now, nothing's connecting really well to #1, so see if you can post a picture. Current wild guess is Ranunculus ficaria, which is a vicious weed. If you do a Google image search using that name, there are lots of pics - see if anything looks right.


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