Need ID on backyard poop

victorine72(7a)June 6, 2013

I live in Richmond, VA-- the 'burbs. My neighborhood is wooded but in a very well developed part of town. I have a corner lot with a fenced-in back yard. Never seen deer, very few rabbits. Hubby thinks he saw opossum once or twice.

This morning while I was in back doing my daily "inspect the troops" walk by the flower beds, I spotted a big pile of poop. It was deposited in the middle of the lawn, without any apparent scratch marks/attempts at burial. No tree cover overhead, so it must have been left at ground level, not fallen from above. It was very dark (nearly black), uniform in color, tubular, and curled around in a C shape. I've never seen anything like it.

My first though was a dog, but both of my latched gates were closed last night. It was big enough that my next thought was that *maybe* my prankster husband was playing me. I looked at all of the wildlife poop ID websites I could find but am still not sure. Raccoon? Opossum? Free-range Child? I would continue to search online but I'm a little afraid of what results a "Wildlife poop" Google search might return.

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Sounds like a Yeti to me.

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