Keeping Rabbits and Squirels out of my plants

greenthumbelina7(Z4)May 26, 2010

What are the best remedies to keep rabbits and squirels out of the garden? I'm already having some major plant damage issues that I'd like to stop as soon as possible. I can't fence everything in but I'd hate to loose more of my valuable plants.



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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Liquid Fence works best for me.

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The best remedy is fencing.
A gun and a good eye is second best, but probably illegal in your city.
Third, is the various sprays, both commercial and homemade. You can google for tons of info. They wear off in rain and over time, so need to be re-applied periodically. Animals in different areas don't all respond the same way, and may become inured to the smell of a particular product after a while. And no animal chooses to starve to death over eating something that smells bad, so if your garden is best salad bar in the county all bets are off, unfortunately.

It's an ongoing battle... Good luck!

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I'm new to the forum, but I've had tremendous problems with rabbits and squirrels over the years. I can't seem to grow enough corn to keep the squirrels from taking it all out. They started raiding the bird feeders last year, so I started trapping them near the feeders with peanuts and taking them miles away to a local squirrel utopia filled with oak trees. Replacements keep coming in, but after getting probably 10 removed from the area, I haven't had any long tailed raiders this year as of yet. I'm also trying corn again after giving up after 5 years.

Historically we've had rabbits galore near us. A marshland is nearby and they invariably have made the area under our shed their grounds to rear their young. The lattice under the shed keeps out predators so they thrive well. This year I put in my first rose garden and I've been mixing up bone meal and blood meal quite frequently. I'm not sure if its a function of spreading this all around or just the fact that it's stored in the shed (smell), but we have not had a single rabbit munching in the gardens this year. I go out everyday to look for nibbles on the many fresh tender seedlings coming up around the garden, and I'm overjoyed to see there are very little this year...I planted tulips for the first time also, and they didn't bother them. I've heard they really love them too. I know they are in the neighborhood, I see them running all around at dusk in other peoples yards, so I'd try the blood and or bone meal...see how it works for you.

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

The fence you saw around my garden has worked for me and we have lots of squirrels. Not many rabbits though. It is what is called rabbit fence.

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Thanks everyone!
I'll have to get my hands on some blood meal and try that liquid fence, I've heard great effective things about it. Unfortunately, I do have the biggest spread of veggies and flowers in the nearby neighborhood except across the street but their vegetable garden is completely fenced in.

I was surprised to see the bulbs eaten, I didn't know they were even at risk. But I really hate the thought of having all of my flowers fenced in, they're supposed to be beautiful, not hidden behind a nasty fence. The vegetables I'm okay with. So I will try that other stuff too. I also bought a bulk thing of chili powder, rumor has it rabbits don't like it so I used a little of that 2 days ago and no damage since but who knows if that's why. Also, I cut hair occationally and put some of that by my peppers, maybe that will help too. I'm pulling out all the stops.

Pauline, the squirells don't just climb over that rabbit fence? We have some tricky little buggers in my yard that just make their way over my vegetable fencing.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

When planting tulip bulbs in the fall I lay chicken wire fencing over the area and remove it in the spring before the tulips get too big. Squirrels seem to dig up bulbs freshly planted, established plantings don't usually get bothered. In the spring I spray with Liquid Fence for rabbits and deer.

Even in my low fenced in garden the peppers get eaten by deer which jump over my fence. I have used chicken wire around a grouping of peppers and put bird netting over the top to stop deer.

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

I've had good luck with fencing too. I don't particularly like the way it looks and once in a while the rabbits dig under, but it does a pretty good job and is worth it to be able to raise a beautiful garden.

I've tried a urine based repellant, but I had to shower three times before I felt like I didn't smell anymore. I just didn't like using it.

Planting more plants that they don't care for and less that they do like is good.

Seems to me, the very best would be a fully fenced lot or acreage with a dog inside it that didn't bark too much (to avoid annoying the neighbors) and that loved to chase rabbits and squirrels would be a perfect solution :-)

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