Brugmansia in zone 4

Trude123(minnesota 4)May 30, 2014

I haven't been able to garden for a couple of years but thankfully now I can. Anybody in zone 4 growing Brugmansia. Thanks to a Brug lover on that forum I have been able to get a few plants. I've had good luck with them in the past and would like to know any tips someone might have in growing them.

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I grow mine in a very large pot, plenty of sun, water, and fertilizer. I used to dig out the rooted portion and bring it into the basement to overwinter it, but I'm too lazy and don't have room for that any more. What I do now is take a bunch of cuttings of mature stem portions (be very sure to wear gloves so you don't poison yourself) and stick them in a pail of water in the basement out of the light for the winter. When it gets warm enough, I put the pail outside to start adjusting to higher light levels and then put the cuttings in the big pot in the sun and watch for them to go. By later summer, the cuttings are full of blooms.

There's a guy in Richfield who takes a big rooted portion inside every year and hauls it out to a big raised bed. He gets a giant bush that is loaded with blossoms all over in late summer.

Have fun!

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

I've grown brugs in SEMN for @20 large nursery pots then cut back and winter over in cool basement. I used to take cuttings in the fall but it just really got 'old' after a while. I injured both legs last fall and am in the midst of surgeries to hopefully get more mobile so couldn't get to the basement this winter and lost a number.......but will keep the 'nonresponders' potted as I've had an apparenty dead plant come back in the past. they need to be watered daily...automation is great if you can afford it and they are heavy feeders. Keep an eye out for swaps here as I'm not the only person w brugs and they do show up at the well as lots of other good stuff.

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Trude123(minnesota 4)

Thanks Bitterwort. I like the idea of taking cuttings in the fall and sticking them away. I have done cuttings and kept them upstairs but would rather be able to ignore them for the winter. Sorry about your setback mantorvillain. I had both hips replaced and lost my brugs thru that. I will pull my old dead potted brug roots out and see what happens. Back several years I did get cuttings from the Brugs forum. I would love to go to a swap. Anyone have a favorite fertilizer?

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