not hosta momma of the year...

indymom76(5)July 31, 2012

I'm noticing many posts like mine, but I just feel terrible that I haven't been more "motherly" and coddled my hosta this year. I do get out and give them a good soak 1-2 times a week, but still many of them have crispy leaves. My DH and I say we have a "bubble" around us-it seems north and south of us get rain but we unfortunately miss it!!

I'm sorry I haven't been on more often-I have felt bad for being a bad hosta momma this summer. Good news is nothing has died so maybe you don't need to call in hosta protective services yet...

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

It doesn't matter. I ran up an over $200. water bill, and lots of mine still have crispy leaves. We're in a "bubble", too, and temps have been 10-25 degrees above normal for six weeks.

Don't feel guilty, just keep on keeping on and dream of next year. I keep telling myself 2013 has to be better.

So far spring arrived six weeks early, we've had three nasty hail storms, all the slugs, bugs, bunnies and deer lived through an extremely mild winter, no rain, days on end of 95-106 F, moles and raccoons digging up the hosta beds, and we're supposed to get more of the same all August. 2012 has just been a perfect storm of bad news.

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I had to dig up a biggish hosta last year (Green Wedge - an oldie) and I forgot about it. It sat all dug up by my compost bin all last summer, through the fall and winter, and is still not planted. It has gotten bigger and flowered this year, still sitting on top of the rocks. I haven't even waved a hose over it. It's not personal, I don't dislike it, but I keep forgetting about it. The point is that they will survive crispy leaves, hail, slugs, and just about anything nature throws at them, and start off all shiny and new next spring. By which time hopefully Green Wedge will be in the ground.

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bernd ny zone5

lisanti, all you have to do is write on a sheet of paper "plant Green Wedge" and stick that on the refrigerator door.

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