too late for okra?

slinkygirl78(7 southern MD)June 30, 2005

i accidentally killed most of my okra 2 weeks ago, and am left with 2 plants. i planted more about a week and a half ago, and they are already 6 inches tall.

is it too late to plant them though? or will i still get a decent amount? i am not looking to can them or anything, just have some for myself to munch on this summer since i don't even know anyone else who likes it :)

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Not at all. We have a long growing season in southern Maryland.

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slinkygirl78(7 southern MD)

yeah, with those hot septembers (and sometimes octobers) i was hoping it would work out!

thanks :)

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I just planted out some 6-8" tall Okra seedlings & they're shooting up quickly. I think we'll both get harvests long before frost.

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