Help question about blackening of plants/limbs

techichimomJune 11, 2006

I am curious to see if this has happened to anyone else on here. If so does anyone know any type of remedy for this problem? I had a holly tree and an arborvitae (type of shrub) planted next to my home, for about 6 months they grew well and looked fine. Then all the sudden the holly tree's leaves started falling off, and upon closer examination I noticed the ends of the limbs were turning black. Finally all the leaves fell off the holly tree and it died, despite watering it and fertilizing it. I have wondered maybe if there was too much water. Then the arborvitae started turning black on the ends, eventually it died too, it pulled out of the ground like it was rotton. I never replanted the shrub but did replant the holly tree, it's been about 1 to 1 1/2 yrs since the death of the other plants, and now the new holly is starting to do the same thing. It seems the first stage is that the leaves discolor then all all off. Then the blackening of limbs at the end which seems to finish off killing the plant. Has anyone any idea what in the world causes this? I have wondered if someone wasn't putting something on my stuff to kill them perhaps weed killer? Or is it a disease process? I really appreciate any help I can get from anyone, and am willing to help them in any way I can. Tthis problem has aggravated me, and I've asked everyone I know what's happening and they have no idea.

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watergal(z6/7 Westminster, MD)

Sounds like phytophthora is likely. (This is a common disease I see in my work with indoor tropical plants.) Here is a link describing it in hollies, along with some other possibilities.

Is your soil poorly drained where these plants are located? Or is there some other reason that they are staying very wet?

Here is a link that might be useful: holly diseases

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