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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)May 29, 2013

Last year we planted (1) Dwarf Montmorency Cherry tree and (1) unknown Plum tree. The cherry tree will be not require a cross pollinator but I am unsure about the Plum tree. Definitely on the learning curve yet for these trees. Both have flowered. Cherry tree blossoms have just had the petals drop a few days ago. The plum tree is still in full blossom. Would be very grateful for anyone experienced in either of these trees to share some words of wisdom.

Also, we are looking to add (3) apple trees this year. Thinking the dwarf trees are the most appealing due to yard size and available space. Would like a dual purpose apple for both fresh eating and cooking. Believe (1) will be the Honeycrisp but am open to suggestions for the other (2). Does anyone have a favorite dwarf apple tree? Would be great to have information shared on it. Thanks!

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If you are going to only have a couple of apple tress I would recommend Scarlet Surprise as one of them- it's hardy, it's great eating fresh, and it has the added 'wow' factor of having red/pink flesh.

I had originally got one from Starks, but it just languished and finally died. I got another from Burnt Ridge and have had it for about 8 years now and it's doing great.

I realize I must sound like a 'ad' for Burnt Ridge but I have had such good luck with their trees/bushes/plants and they are not outrageously priced and they don't gouge you for shipping.

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Childhood memories: Toka plum is a good pollinator, smaller size. Superior plum has excellent flavor and sweetness. Superior will require a pollinator like Toka. Superior will have lots of white fragrant blossoms. Toka was kinda boring.

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

The unknown plum tree has vibrant, hot pinkish flowers and a purplish leaves. Most of its branches are growing upward and have not bushed out. Tree was planted last year and purchased without any tags except for the plum fruit tree band tag around its trunk. Noticed that there are lots of ants crawling up and down the tree to visit the flowers. Read on one website that this could be problematic and should be treated... I will need to read up on this more and figure out what is my next course of action.

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I have Evans and North Star sour cherries, as well as Carmine Jewel bushes. You are correct in that they are self fertile. Be aware that birds and bugs really like these cherries.

As for apples.... Check out ALL the characteristics of dwarf and semi-dwarf root stocks. Dwarf have such weak root systems, they need to be staked for life. I'd rather do an annual size pruning on a semi-dwarf. There are several different roots stocks available, and each have different attributes. Finding the right root stock should be as important as the variety that you have grafted on it.

I have 2 Honeycrisp. A great apple. Mine are just a little slow at producing so far. Again, root stock can make a big difference here. Zestar is another good MN apple. If you want an early variety, check out State Fair which is also a U of M variety.

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Visited one of the local nurseries and found the clearance trees. All were a bit beat up in one way or another from wind damage but I figure with some personalized TLC, I may have some good luck to nurse them back to their former beauty. It will also make the fruits of our labor that more rewarding. Purchased (3) Scout Apricots and (1) Haralred apple tree. Still need to pick up a Honeycrisp and then decide on the last one .... thinking a yellow apple would be a nice addition. Also talked a bit about my plum tree with the nursery specialist and she believes my plum tree will need a pollinator.... Now need to find room in my yard for another plum tree.

Anyone have any growing experience with the Haralred apple tree?

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