Best Seed Selection?

carmellia(z 4 Minn)May 24, 2006

Would you please take the time to post any place you can think of that has a better than average selection of seed?

I am looking for CASTOR BEAN seed (misplaced the ones I saved last year) and PEARL ONION (or wax onion) seeds. Last year, I paid almost $8 for 1 pkg of pearl onion seed. $2.75 for the seed and $4.95 shipping.

I live in Kenyon, but someplace in the Faribault area or the Hastings area or St. Paul area would also be very handy for me.

Am I the only one who thinks that the variety of seeds available from the rack has been steadily shrinking from year to year? I can remember seeing seeds for lots of things I had never even heard of. Now, it is just the most basic seeds - both vegetable and flower.

Thanks a lot. I've GOT to have my pearl onions but I won't pay another $8 for a package of seed. Carmellia

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Hi Carmellia Â

I live in near Mantorville, so weÂre practically neighbors! I donÂt know any place in our neck-of-the-woods that sell pearl onions specifically. I am unclear if pearl onions are a specific type or just a common variety that might be a short day instead of a long day. I have been growing a variety of onions for years, but have always used either plants or seeds. I dislike using sets (the bulbs); they never make really good onions and they store poorly. The best source I have found for seeds is on the Internet from Harvest Moon Farms at The BarlettaÂs might do well. If you are using the pearls for pickling you might try Cippolini for a change, I have pickled them many times and people love them. Unfortunately seeds need to be started fairly early, like in February. For storage onions, I always plant Copra because they can store for up to a year in the right conditions. I use plants and get them from Dixondale at I actually have several bundles left over that you can have if you want to come get them.

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carmellia(z 4 Minn)

Thanks for the info and suggestions. The pearl onions are sometimes called wax onions too. I think it is just a type of onion. They are very small - about the size of a little button mushroom. Sometimes they are used in cocktails - Gibsons I think. I love them pickled.

I thank you for the offer of your extra onions, but I have finally given up trying to grow the full sized variety. I have never ever had luck with them. For some reason, those little wax onions are so much easier to grow. Carmellia

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