elephant garlic pricing what should we ask?

kabutiSeptember 24, 2007

Hi, We have been growing more & more elephant garlic & toying with the Idea of selling some as everyone seems to like it (once they try it) also it is easy to grow, nothing bothers it & it is very dry here so when it is ripe I just turn off the water & leave it in the ground all summer & fall as this seems to be the perfect way to store. I am not sure what we could get for it. BTW it will be 'organik', of course. Any comments welcome & I greatly admire all who turn a living from the Good Earth!

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Have you come up with a price for the garlic?

If not you might want to ask in the allium forum. Also what markets
do you do in Calif.

Take care,


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Locally right now the super markets are getting $1.95 for 3 large cloves. Personally, I undersell the supermarkets, and mention that it is Organic. $.50 per clove seems to be a good way to enter the market, as I am sure most of ours in NY comes from the west anyway. Hope this helps

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I've been getting 50 cents per clove, but mine's not organic. I've not been through all the red tape, and lots of our customers don't seem to care (sorry to whom that may offend!). I do tell them that it's not sprayed and no chemical fertilizers used.
If you're certified organic, you can probably get 75 cents each if people around there care about that sort of thing. I think some of our customers are starting to care, but we'
re always a little behind here in this part of Indiana.

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What did it cost you to buy a bulb of elephant garlic? I got some wonderful garlic from The Chief Clove at the garlicstore.com. I bought an assortment that had the biggest garlic I had ever seen. I think Gurney's had a bulb of elephant garlic for around $8.00 too. So if it costs you $8 to buy a bulb, you at least want to make back your investment.
I've been breaking up my regular garlic bulbs and selling individual [large cloves @ 6 for $1] [Because the labels faded to nothing so I could no longer tell the varieties I had planted] If the cloves are small, use a small scoop and sell a scoop for whatever price. I specify that this is "gourmet garlic" so it is not your run of the mill supermarket stuff.

This year I ordered 2 new varieties that are supposed to be better for braiding. I may have to order some more + replant what I have before I can market it however, but I have seen garlic braids sell for as much as $40. I figure if its $2 per bulb and 10 in a braid would be $20 double that and you'd have a $40 braid and sometimes garlic is at least $3 per bulb in the stores,even depending on the size it may be 2 for $3.
One lady wanted some elephant garlic from me last year but I am still building up my supply and wasn't really ready to sell it yet. I told her it cost me $8 to buy a bulb but she didn't want to pay that much so we settled on $5. Building up your supply may enable you to sell it for less than you bought the original bulb - but we aren't really in business to lose money.
I too am interested in what others have to say on this topic.

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bloosquall(Wa 6)

Last year I sold some soon after they were cured for $6.00 a piece, these were the biggest bulbs though weighing at least 12 oz. Later I sold smaller bulbs for $4.00lb. this year it'll be more like $6.00lb. Try Nootka Rose or Sicilian Silver for a good braiding garlic. Lorz Italian is good also for a larger artichoke bulb.

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jeeze I would charge no less than $1.50 a clove. I get that for regular garlic because it is sustainably grown, local and heirloom. That cheap garlic is from China, yours is not so charge the premium.

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Just wondering if any of you have any Elephant Garlic around still you would be willing to part with, if so the price please, thanks.

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bloosquall(Wa 6)

I have some that is plantable still, $6.00 lb. send me a note tweedman@gotvc.net and i'll get a weight of what I have left.


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