Canadians ordering hostas from the USA

hippieindenialJuly 17, 2014

Hi all,
Instead of taking over the Rhino Hide thread, I thought I'd start a new one.

From what I am aware, Naylor Creek, Green Hill, & Plant Delights will ship to Canada. I also heard Q&Z will deliver to non-businesses if you order a certain quantity - I think it was 18 minimum. Q&Z drives a truck across the border and hand delivers so it is not hard for them to add another stop especially if you live in Ontario. Naylor Creek offers a discount for ordering early (usually from October - December for the following spring).

I have been quoted between $50-75 for the phytosanitary certificate which is mandatory to get. You will have to pay shipping when you order and possibly duty when you receive it. Duty is hit or miss so just expect to pay it and be happy if you don't have to.

I do my research and know pricing and which plants are best to get from the USA and which I can get in Canada for less. I make my orders worthwhile. I would not make a $100 order because that wouldn't be cost effective.

Also note that it will be in the mail for a few days and will stop in customs. I tend to get my orders within 2 weeks.
If you can accommodate, it's best to receive your order as early as possible in the spring and get dormant plants.

I hope that helps those of you that have questions about it.
Please let me know if any of you have successfully ordered from other retailers in the USA.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Vanessa, thank you for the thread and the information, you've laid it out nicely! :-)

I agree that ordering for spring is the best way to go, when the plants are still dormant.

What different times during the growing season have you received hostas via mail order and have you always been satisfied?

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Interesting to know. Something I do not know though is about the phytosanitary certificate. If we make an order with these companies do we all pay that amount??? Then if so it wouldn't be worth it for me, nor getting stuck with duty charges either. Yikes. I don't make enough money for that, so I guess for now I'll just order from places in Ontario or any other place in Canada if I can find. Seems to me though they are all in Ontario.


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Jo - I tend to get my order shipped to me from Naylor Creek in the middle of March and I have been successful potting them up when they arrive, keeping inside and hardening them off outside when the weather gets warmer.

I have also done mail order within Ontario...most recently at the beginning of July from Budd Gardens. The plants arrived within 2 business days using regular Canada Post mail.
The plants always arrive in great condition if packaged properly.

Michelle - yes, if you place an order you would have to pay for the phytosanitary certificate unless you have friends that would join in on your which case you can split the phyto and shipping costs with them. It's cost effective for larger orders and collector's looking for rare plants. If you are only getting a few plants then it's not financially worthwhile unless you are getting rare hostas on your wish list that you can't get anywhere else.


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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Thanks for the information Vanessa. I am also interested in knowing about purchasing from the U.S.

In your opinion, what is the minimum amount of plants one would have to purchase in order to make the purchase cost effective?

Do you know what the duty is if one has to pay it?

I assume there is tax?

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newhostalady - the duty is basically the taxes (in Ontario it is 13%).

I tend to order between 20-30 hostas because I want to make the order worthwhile and also because I am addicted and there are a lot of new/rare hostas that I want! LOL! There is not a specific number that you should really depends what you are ordering, how the prices compare to those in Canada, and if the hostas are even available here. If you have a friend that could go in on your order with you it will keep the costs lower for you.


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I always place an order from Q & Z in the spring. I looked back at this years order. Total of the plants was $1000 and shipping/taxes/certificate etc was about $100. They charged me the GST (5%) as well as the Certificate. Shipping is free and this year they left the boxes on my front porch! The thing with Q & Z is to order the retail ready plants. The liners tend to be really small. I have to wait sometimes 2 years before they are ready to sell.
Hope this helps


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Vanessa, thanks for the information.
Sounds like people who live fairly close to each other could do joint orders and save all around.

One other question, do you have to get an import certificate from Agri Canada?

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hostacats(zone 3b)

Kathy, my first impression when I was starting to read your post was OMG!! $1,000 plus another $100 for the certificate. But as I continued reading I realized you buy, grow and sell your hostas. Didn't know that. Do you do it as a nursery or just on the side for fun??


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hostatakeover swMO(6a)

This is interesting information. Anyone know if there is a similar method to get Canadian Hostas sent to the US?

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