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randy41_1September 5, 2013

one of the consequences of selling at 2 markets is paying 2 market stall rents.for august our rent total is about $183 which is $80 of flat rate space rent (10 a day at one market, 40 a month at the other) plus the % of sales (3% at one market, 4% at the other). this is on about $3400 of sales.
what are your rent costs?
if we just did one market on wednesday and saturday instead of 2 markets on saturdays only we could save the $10 a day ($40).
of course i'm sitting here writing the checks for the rent.....

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Ours is $20 for the day, $200 for the 15-week season. That's about the going rate here, there is another market next town over that was $95 for the 12-week season or $12/week but the market I chose to go with has a bigger, more visible location (the small one is at the YMCA, back off the road a bit and parking is a problem with the Y members, vendors, and customers so the customers just tend to be Y members. Though they do a good job of advertising).

The one I was at the past 2 years was $125 for the 20-week season, first year it was twice a week in July (but I didn't have enough to go mid-week) but last year they dropped the Wed market and just had Friday, this year it was discontinued for lack of a market master.

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My market is free, but others range from $25 to $300 per space per season. Each is for 1 day market per week. Nobody is charging a % of sales, they would have to 'trust' the vendors to report accurately.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

% of sales, for what purpose? I guess the larger vendors pay for more of the services provided than the smaller vendors?

My home town market is 2 markets free then $5 a market up to $25 for the season.

Bigger market is $10 membership fee, then $6 a stall (10 by 10) on Saturday and $6 a stall (unlimited size) on Wednesday.


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both markets are run by non-profits with paid market managers. i don't know how they control % cheaters...they don't. but the government isn't much better with tax cheats. some of the bigger vendors are probably paying $100 a day after factoring in the %.
at the bigger market in blacksburg the market manager gets paid 40k a year.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Both my markets don't do the percentage charge. Actually, I don't think any of the dozens of markets around here do that anymore.
I pay full season and get the discount rates which are $20/week for one and $28/week for the other, both are for a 10x10.
Whenever possible I splurge for a double booth as long as I have enough produce to fill it. The small investment is well worth it for the extra visibility and room to move around.

This week with 2 double booths, our rent was 3% of total sales.


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I have never heard of percent of sales. That wouldn't bring in too much at our market as some! Ours is $100 for vehicle spot and $75 for non vehicle. Winter markets are $10 per day and are sometimes very slow.
I wanted to buy 1.5 spots this year so I could have my tables all out in front but at the last minute the guy who buys two put his application in (the day the committee met!). I suppose $100 per year may seem low but it is a slow market and nothing is spent on advertising at all.

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