Needed the rain but not the wind!

gemini_jim(7 MD)June 3, 2007

Well, after the nice steady rain softened up the soil, the wind came through and blew over my corn and sunflowers, which are about 2 ft high at this point. Nothing uprooted, but most of them are sitting at 45 degrees or lower! Oy!

The corn is in two 4X4 beds and the sunflowers in a row alongside, about 70 plants altogether. I guess I'll let them lie until tomorrow, then see how I might go about staking them up. How annoying!

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Ha!! Annoying is the six hour drive home from Dover to Laurel, that should have only taken 2 hours!! And a rained out race, so we get to do it all over again tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see some racing!! :) Christy

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Sheesh!! No fun for either of you guys. We just had rain here in Bowie. Lots of steady soaking rain. All day. I thought I'd never say this but - thank goodness for the Pokemon cartoon marathon that ran all day...

Oh, and we had a mysterious explosion somewhere not far away this morning. It sounded like a dumpster being dropped from a height... very weird. Hubby thinks it might have been a propane tank exploding - we're almost directly west of the landfill but have never heard any noise from over there before.

Have a great day! Hope the plants come back okay.


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